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The average user in the crypto industry likely experience the space as a gambling environment either in the role of traders, investors or simply by betting on random coins and tokens. One obvious reason is that most blockchains are not really sharing their economy at protocol level, which leaves price movements as the only option for users. transactional economy is being funneled outside of the network. In contrast, our chain preserves it within the network and reward network participants for their contributions. 
Chains that support smart contracts do not incentivize developers for their contribution to the network. outside of the ability to build a profitable business around the chain, its starting to turn into a pay to play environment which is a strong limiting factor to the overall development of a digital ecosystem.There are many useful applications that do not necessarily allow for a profit to be applied.

A revolutionary blockchain, with a  shared economy that sustainably incentivizes creators. The creators who contribute to its adoption will benefit from the transactions they generate, regardless of their business model. A unique opportunity for Defi due to the enormous amount of transaction gas consummation and high transaction count.

●A true Proof-of-Stake consensus that enables every single user to stake without any requirement for a minimum amount of coins or computing power

●One-click installers for running a node on an average household computer (after you install the node, you will be able to stake your coins)

●Ethereum VM support provides full compatibility and easy migration of Ethereum DAPPS and Ethereum smart contracts

●Holders are able to stake their coins to gain share of the transactional economy from the  Blockchain as well as from all other DAPPS and tokens and businesses that run their projects on the DBS Blockchain

●Revenue from the transactional economy shared with the ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, EIP1559 smart contracts – they will be accredited on a protocol level with a portion of the fees their project generates through their transactions. 

The Decentralized Business System

A Digital Meritocracy

Decentralized Business Systems

Liquidity Pool Address


*Slippage :5%

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