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Whitepaper 1.1

DBS is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that utilizes a 1.1.1 tax on every transfer equating to a 3% tax fee.

A 1% tax is reflected back to current holders, this is a reflection reward for holding tokens and contributing to the project.

A 1% tax is autonomously burned forever making the DBS token a deflationary cryptocurrency asset.

Every time a transaction takes place with DBS, 1% of that transaction is removed (i.e. "burned")

from the total supply.

This increases the scarcity of every DBS token in circulation.

What this means is that every time a DBS token is used or transferred, the value of the remaining DBS tokens in circulation is increased by permanently decreasing the supply (deflation).

A 1% tax is directed to a "charity wallet" this wallet will be used to aid in the development and backing of our environmentally friendly PoS network. Upon creation of the genesis block ALL holders of DBS will receive an airdrop and automatically receive a proportionate position on the upcoming PoS network.

Total Supply

100,442,915.91080686 DBS



Burn Wallet Address


Liquidity Pool Address


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